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Call now for an initial consultation 716.886.9600

Call now for an initial consultation 716.886.9600

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Can I Pay Support Directly to my Child?

Technically, child support belongs to the child it is intended to support. Realistically, most children are not capable of managing their own finances, so one parent acts as the child’s financial manager and receives the support on his or her behalf. Some parents may want to know if they can bypass the custodial parent and… Read More »

School Refusal and your Child

School refusal — also called school phobia is a separation anxiety disorder suffered by school age children for a variety of reasons. In addition to school-related factors — such as bullying or academic failure —a common cause of school refusal is divorce. During the divorce process some children become so anxious about the lack of… Read More »

Is Child Support Considered Income?

Federal law requires all parents to contribute to the financial support of their children until the age of majority.  When parents divorce, the obligation to support the children of the marriage is shared between parents. In most cases, one parent serves as the primary custodian and one parent supplements the income of the children by… Read More »

Can my Child Decide to Live with my Ex?

At the time of divorce, one of the issues decided upon by the divorcing couple is where the minor children reside. In most modern divorces the children spend significant time with both parents, as is considered ideal by the courts. In reality, one home usually becomes the primary residence with some time spent in the… Read More »