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Call now for an initial consultation 716.886.9600

Call now for an initial consultation 716.886.9600

Client Ratings


Posted by Jackie, a Divorce client

Randy was easy to work with. He took the time to understand exactly what I wanted from the divorce and negotiated accordingly. He was good about returning messages when I had legal questions throughout the process. I had the utmost confidence in his ability to represent me, as he demonstrated extensive knowledge of the law.

Randy Margulis - experienced, aggressive, dedicated and effective

Posted by a Divorce client

Randy Margulis was my attorney in 2009. He was recommended to me - based on his solid reputation - which led to our first consultation meeting, and his approach and knowledge of Domestic Relations Law impressed me so I secured his services. He is aggressive, dedicated, thorough, responsive and effective. Ultimately my case was handled well leading to a favorable outcome.

Helped Me Settle a Complicated Divorce From a Complicated Person

Posted by Andy, a Divorce client

Unfortunately my ex was a horribly difficult person to work with and going through the divorce proceedings was a mind-bending experience. Randy was very patient with me and the process and got me every thing I was looking for, he's a good strong negotiator.

Forever Indebted to Randy!!

Posted by a Divorce client

Randy's impressive legal ability is paralleled by his compassion and empathy. As a domestic violence survivor, it took a lot for me leave my husband. Randy made the process much less traumatic than I expected it to be. For once I felt like I was in control of a situation and knew things would finally be all right. Randy obtained a financial arrangement for me so I don't have to work, at least for a few years, so I can get on with my life. He was sensitive to my circumstances, yet firm and aggressive in court. I highly recommend Randy to anyone who needs a family law lawyer.

Will fight for you

Posted by Sandy

Randy helped me through a difficult time and a painful divorce. He shouldered all the details, broke things down in a way I could understand them and never made me feel like he didn't have time for me or that my case was 1 of many on his desk. He gives his full attention and protects his clients with his skill and knowledge of the law. It was great to see how respected Randy is in the courts and you walk away happy that Randy is on your side! I'm forever grateful he was my lawyer!

A True Professional

Posted by Robert, a Child Custody client

Randy always returned my calls promptly and was always there when I needed him. He helped me with a very tough divorce and custody battle and was amazing in court. Not only was he a great lawyer, he was a great friend with amazing advice during a very hard time in my life.

You want Randy on your side!

Posted by a Divorce client

I highly recommend Randy for your divorce. Randy got me through a tough time and always put my needs first. He was aggressive when needed, and always well prepared for court. In the end, we settled my case without a trial. He is quite approachable, knows his stuff, and stays on top of his cases. He even met with me on weekends.

Randy Hit A Home Run

Posted by k, a Divorce client

Randy went to bat for me and delivered a home run. I went through a tough divorce and custody battle, and had a lot on the line. Randy was tough and aggressive, but in an effective way. He went after everything I wanted, and we settled the case after a hard fought process. I believe that due to Randy's great representation, I got the results I wanted and without a trial. I can now move on with my life. I would highly recommend Randy to anyone going through a divorce or custody case. I would describe him as aggressive and very knowledgeable.

I am very pleased with this attorney

Posted by a Divorce client

Randy just finished my divorce. He was very professional and easy to deal with but aggressive in court. He defended me at every turn, and I couldn't be happier with his results. He returned my phone calls quickly, and was patient with all my questions. I was a nervous wreck at times, but Randy has a way of calming me down and letting me know everything will turn out all right. I'm glad he was on my side.

An Excellent Lawyer

Posted by a Divorce client

I hired Randy for a complicated divorce and custody case. I found him to be real tough and aggressive on my behalf, and easy for me to deal with. His paperwork was very thorough and complete, and he was always quick to respond to my calls and questions. We got great results and I am very satisfied.

Excellent Lawyer. I Highly Recommend!

Posted by Sharon, a Divorce client

Randy obtained a divorce for me in just over 3 months. Every issue was settled, and my kids and I are happy and well adjusted. I told Randy I wanted a friendly divorce, and that's what I got. My ex and I stayed on speaking terms and I feel that I got exactly what I was entitled to.

I Highly Recommend

Posted by Joseph, a Child Custody client

I had a great experience with Mr. Margulis. He explained the law, and my circumstances legally, before going to court, so I knew what to expect. He was very knowledgeable and forceful in court. He won my case!

Randy Protected Me!

Posted by a Divorce client

Randy helped me through a painful divorce. I felt protected and will be forever grateful that he was my lawyer. He is well respected in the courts and every time I walked away I was happy that he was on my side. Divorce is a terrible thing to go through but with Randy representing me the anxiety and pain was less, truly it was. He is easy to talk to, never makes you feel like he is too busy for you. He will fight a good fight for you with his knowledge and skills and you will feel some relief!