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Call now for an initial consultation 716.886.9600

Buffalo Spousal Support Lawyer

Protect yourself from financial peril

One of the most important issues in a divorce or separation is spousal maintenance.  Also known as alimony, spousal support may be required to allow the recipient spouse some degree of financial independence.  Having an experienced family law attorney on your side can be extremely valuable in ensuring that this issue is properly resolved.

At the Law Offices of Randy S. Margulis and Associates, I help people throughout the Buffalo metropolitan area establish spousal maintenance agreements. Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony, is the amount of money paid from one spouse to another in the wake of a divorce or separation. Depending on the circumstances, spousal maintenance can be awarded for a limited amount of time or can be awarded indefinitely. I have 25 years of experience handling this issue for my clients, and you can rest assured that I know how to secure the best possible results in your case.

Temporary spousal maintenance

While a divorce is pending, spouses often struggle to pay their bills or maintain their standard of living. New York has recognized this problem and recently passed laws that allow courts to issue temporary spousal maintenance while the divorce is pending. Temporary support is awarded according to a fixed formula, based on the higher-earning spouse's income in relation to the lower-earning spouse's income. These new laws also allow lower-income spouses to be entitled to payment for attorneys’ fees during the divorce process.

Permanent spousal maintenance

In New York, spouses often pay or receive durational maintenance after a divorce or separation. This form of maintenance is intended to help the ex-spouse get on their feet and achieve financial independence.  This is often awarded when the marriage is of a short duration and the couple had no children. However, there are certain cases where an ex-spouse may be dependent on their former husband of wife to provide them with support for a number of years.  Courts are required to weigh a number of factors when determining whether a spouse is entitled to receive long-term or even permanent spousal maintenance, including:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • Income and property held by the parties
  • Present and future earning capacity
  • Ability of an ex-spouse to become self-supporting
  • Amount awarded in equitable distribution
  • Age and health of the parties
  • Non-economic contributions to the marriage

I have had considerable success helping clients protect their assets and receive the support that they needed. Let me put my knowledge and skill to work for you today.

Effective representation. Proven results.

Call the Law Offices of Randy S. Margulis and Associates today at 716.886.9600 or contact our firm online to schedule an initial consultation.  From my offices conveniently located in Williamsville and downtown Buffalo, I represent clients living throughout the Buffalo metropolitan area and Western New York, including:

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