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Call now for an initial consultation 716.886.9600

Buffalo Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Protecting your assets is our top priority

Entering into a prenuptial agreement has become common practice for New York couples who are about to get married. With divorce rates on the rise and people getting married later in life, prenuptial agreements can provide you with peace of mind that your interests and assets will be protected in the event of a divorce or the death of a spouse.

At the Law Offices of Randy S. Margulis and Associates, I help people throughout the Buffalo metropolitan area establish prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. I know that prenuptial agreements have a somewhat negative stigma attached to them, and people may feel uncomfortable about entering into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement with their spouse.  With 25 years of experience handling family law cases throughout Western New York, I provide my clients with thoughtful advice about prenuptial agreements and explain the benefits that they can offer.  Let me focus on handling the legal details while you and your spouse begin your marital journey together.

Why should I consider getting a prenuptial agreement?

There are several reasons why someone would consider entering into a prenuptial agreement.

  • You have loved ones who need to be protected. Prenuptial agreements can help divorcees ensure that their prior children or grandchildren receive the financial support they need in the event of divorce or their parent’s death.  If you have elderly parents, these agreements can also make sure that they receive the care and/or medical treatment they need.
  • You have assets such as a home, stock or retirement funds that you earned before marriage.  In divorce proceedings, property is divided into separate and marital property. A prenuptial agreement can help you define what assets are considered separate property and protect them from being divided upon divorce.
  • You own all or part of a business.  Prenuptial agreements can help you protect your ownership share in business ventures upon divorce. In addition, if you own a family business, these agreements can help your family retain control of the business in the event of your death.
  • You hold or are pursuing a professional degree or license. In New York, degrees or licenses conferred upon one spouse are subject to valuation and distribution in divorce proceedings. Prenuptial agreements can help you prevent your spouse from receiving money from a degree he or she had no part in helping you obtain.  Moreover, if you supported your spouse while they attended college or graduate studies, prenuptial agreements can help ensure that you receive a share of their degree’s value if your marriage should end.
  • You are considerably wealthier than your spouse. Prenuptial agreements can help you protect yourself from people with financial motivations for entering into marriage. Appearances are sometimes deceiving, and entering into a prenuptial agreement can put these concerns to rest.

If you are considering entering a prenuptial agreement, talk to me about the issues before you talk with your fiancé(e). By addressing these concerns before a marriage, you can both strengthen your relationship and plan out your financial future. A prenuptial agreement can help memorialize the trust and honesty you have with your partner and protect yourself in the event that life does not go as planned.

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