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Call now for an initial consultation 716.886.9600

Call now for an initial consultation 716.886.9600

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Can I Have my Marriage Annulled?

Under certain circumstances, a marriage that should not or could not legally have existed is performed without the knowledge that it is not valid. Such a marriage can be ended with an annulment, a process that is, in many cases, simpler than divorce. Marriages that qualify for annulment are one of two things — void… Read More »

Does Separation Always Lead to Divorce?

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, author of Hope for the Separated: Wounded Marriages Can be Healed — the answer is no. Despite recent findings that 79 percent of separated couples do eventually divorce, Dr. Chapman offers tools for reconciliation that may help separated couples reverse the tide. If you are trying to reconcile  Couples considering… Read More »

Transporting Kids Between Parents

A simple Internet search for kids and transportation delivers an extensive list of services offering safe and affordable transportation for children from one place to another. In a fast-moving world, parents often struggle with the details of getting kids to where they need to be, including from one parent’s home to the other.  Children of… Read More »

There are Risks to Petitioning to Relocate

Last July a New York Supreme Court denied a relocation petition from a custodial father who was seeking permission to move from New York to another state in the United States. In the matter of Hirtz v. Hirtz, the father, a pediatrician in the military received orders to relocate and sought to take his two… Read More »