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Transporting Kids Between Parents

A simple Internet search for kids and transportation delivers an extensive list of services offering safe and affordable transportation for children from one place to another. In a fast-moving world, parents often struggle with the details of getting kids to where they need to be, including from one parent’s home to the other. 

Children of divorce face enormous challenges while adjusting to the reality of their reformatted family life. To add to these challenges, some children need to travel a significant distance between parents. Travel for small children can prove stressful and fraught with logistical complications. 

When creating your parenting plan, consider carefully how your children might move between parents and include these details in your agreement. Some areas of concern might include: 

  • Who pays for transportation — including taxi, shuttle or bus to and from the airport or other terminal
  • Which parent is responsible in case of a glitch — parents should create a back-up plan in the event of last minute cancellation
  • Who accompanies children if required — if this is an older child, delineate exactly what they need to do
  • If traveling by airline or train, which companies provide which services for minors who are traveling unaccompanied 

In addition to these concerns, the parenting plan should include a number of alternative arrangements should travel be impossible because of inclement weather, natural disaster or the child’s illness. The agreement should include a time frame for making up lost visitation days. 

Traveling can be fun for children, especially if they are anticipating the time spent with the other parent. Avoid travel mishaps by planning well and anticipating what could go wrong along the way. If the travel arrangements you have previously agreed upon turn out to be unrealistic or unworkable, revisit your parenting plan or return to mediation to find new travel solutions. 

A Buffalo area child custody attorney is available to help you with your parenting plan and all of your divorce needs.


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