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Call now for an initial consultation 716.886.9600

Should I Stay for the Sake of the Children?

Making the decision to divorce is not simple, especially if minor children are involved. Children have an intuitive sense of what is happening in the lives of the adults around them, and hiding marital strife from children is not realistic. If you are debating whether to leave your marriage, and are reluctant to do so primarily because you fear for your children, consider some of these factors as well. 

Parental stress 

Children benefit from relaxed, happy and focused parents. If the stress of a dysfunctional relationship is causing you to be inattentive, harsh or abrasive with your children you could be causing them psychological and emotional harm. 

Setting an example of relationship 

Many parents believe that children whose parents divorce are at a disadvantage when they later pursue their own romantic relationships. Consider the opposite — that children who know only marital strife and constant conflict as a model of intimate partnership might be equally disadvantaged. 

Quality in parenting time 

Single parents, especially fathers, spend more time parenting their children than they did when married. Shared parenting arrangements force parents to focus on their children during the hours and days they are together, as opposed to allowing any number of distractions to interfere with parenting time. 

Best interest of the child 

It is not always simple to understand what is best for a child, particularly when parents often have trouble identifying what is best for themselves. Happy parents who are content and relaxed have happy children. 

If your marriage can be saved, make every attempt to do so including couple’s therapy, family therapy and individual treatment. If you consider what your marriage might look like when your children have grown and moved out you might have more clarity with regard to your internal debate. 

It is not easy to leave a marriage, but a good divorce attorney can make it a bit easier. For skilled and experienced representation in the Buffalo area, contact us today.

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