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Call now for an initial consultation 716.886.9600

…Then Comes Marriage…No Wait…

Prenuptial agreements in New York

Love at first sight.  Or love after long friendship.  Regardless of how it came about, your relationship is leading toward marriage and it is a happy time.

In the best circumstances, love matures into solid partnership that lasts a lifetime. But even with a state divorce rate below the national average, many New York marriages do unfortunately end in divorce.

An unpleasant fact?  Sure, but a healthy relationship is founded on honesty, respect, and responsibility.  Facing those facts and talking about the future before marriage—and before mailing the invitations—goes a long way toward building that solid foundation needed in years to come.

I have practiced family law for 25 years and work daily with marriages that are beginning or ending.  Speaking honestly with your partner about financial planning and asset protection is honest, important, and saves a lot of grief and money if a marriage ends under any circumstances.

A fair, carefully-drafted prenuptial agreement signed at least a month before a wedding achieves the following:

  • Protects assets
  • Provides for family
  • Investigates and anticipates tax consequences
  • Requires up-front communication, compromise, and commitment to financial expectations
  • Provides clear direction upon divorce or death, thereby reducing expense and conflict

Financial stability is an important aim of a successful marriage.  Straightforward discussion and agreement between partners may avoid future conflicts, protect the interests of both partners, and help assure continued happiness all the way around.

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