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Free Agent: Tiki Barber Settles his Divorce

In May 1999, football player Atiim Kiambu Hakeem-Ah Tiki Barber married Ginny Cha.  In April 2012, the couple resolved issues that will finally allow them to divorce.  The sordid case has claimed headlines and stands a cautionary tale for treatment of spouses, and the disruption of divorce on life.

By all accounts the marriage of Mr. Barber and his wife was a good one.  Mr. Barber, a running back for the New York Giants, retired from the National Football League (NFL) in 2006.  In November 2010, Ms. Barber, pregnant with twins, learned her husband was involved with 23-year old NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson.

Ms. Barber later learned her spouse had likely been involved with Ms. Johnson since 2008, and had showered his mistress with gifts and affection even as he maintained his relationship with Ms. Barber.

Since then, Ms. Barber gave birth to twin girls, Mr. Barber was released from employ with NBC, and the divorce bitterly twisted through the media as Mr. Barber claimed inability to meet financial support demands of Ms. Barber even as he proposed marriage to Ms. Johnson.  Although Mr. Barber renewed his eligibility with the NFL, he remains a free agent.

As grounds for divorce, adultery in this case is clear and undefended.  The damage to the lives of all participants, including four children, is incalculable.  At this writing, the couple has 60 days to submit their settlement to Manhattan Supreme Court. Here is hoping for a good end to a bad story.

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