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Does Whirlwind Romance Last?

Kim, Mariah, Britney.  Besides beauty and celebrity, what do these women have in common?  Brief marriages or brief courtship—or both?

The world is probably a little too familiar with the six-month romance of reality television actress Kim Kardashian and basketball player Kris Humphries.  Together just 72 days, their impending divorce process lingers longer than their wedded bliss.

Pop music diva Mariah Carey wed comedian and actor Nick Cannon after just a few months courtship in 2008.  At present, the singer, the actor and their twin girls are living happily ever after.

And Britney Spears, fresh out of a relationship with Justin Timberlake, in 2004 was married for just 55 hours to high school sweetheart Jason Alexander.

Granted, these are three of the better-known whirlwind courtships that ended in marriage, and two of these ended in divorce.

Niagara Falls, where I represent a number of clients, is the self-styled honeymoon capital of the world, a destination long associated with misty, risky romance and honeymoon memories. After the whirlwind—does romance really ever last?

It depends on whom you ask.  A Psychology Today article states the first two years of marriage predict the rest.  A recent paper on Gray Divorce found the divorce rate was 2.5 times higher for remarriages, and a Time article reports the future is visible in clues today.

What makes a good marriage?  From someone who sees a lot of divorce, I might say love, respect, communication—and a certain amount of luck.

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