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Category Archives: Spousal Support

New York’s New Spousal Support Law Corrects Problems of 2010

New York’s no-fault divorce law of 2010 introduced guidelines for temporary spousal maintenance that were meant to standardize awards, but those guidelines created unintended consequences that the legislature has now acted to correct. According to the New York Law Journal, by relying on disparity of income rather than need, the 2010 guidelines often produced a… Read More »

Spousal Support: Finding the Right Formula

News that actress Demi Moore is seeking spousal maintenance (alimony) in her divorce proceedings from actor Ashton Kutcher is raising eyebrows about the goals and purposes of maintenance in divorce actions. Kutcher, a successful investor and television and movie star, makes more than $20 million per year. Moore is a major movie star in her… Read More »

Getting Support: Temporary Maintenance During Divorce

At the outset of divorce, shifts in financial outlook are difficult to handle.  Even as spouses separate, mortgage, utilities, and other bills still demand payment.  Whether you are the higher- or lower-earning spouse, temporary financial support is an important feature on the divorce landscape. Called durational or periodic support, temporary support assists struggling spouses while… Read More »